FFWD Magazine is the weekly newspaper here in

Calgary that features all the great events and cool people in and around the city.  And even though, I’ve asked numerous times to be interviewed or featured in the newspaper, they’ve passed me each and every single time.  They once even went on twitter and tweeted:  “Guess who our ‘Your Face Here’ is this week FFWD. Not this guy @mikesbloggity.”  Harsh, right?  You know, cause there are TONS of award winning bloggers in Calgary.

But I digress.

This week FFWD opened the nominations for  their annual Best of Calgary issue.

There are dozens of categories to vote for including: Best New Restaurant, Best Local Blog, Best Place for Karaoke, Worst Construction Zone, Best Local Blog, Best Place to Do it, Most embarrassing Calgarian, Best Local Blog, Sexiest woman and Best Local Blog,

Now it may look like I’m advocating for you to vote for Mike’s Bloggity Blog for Best Local Blog, and you would be right.  That is exactly what I’m doing.  I figure this is my only shot to get into the newspaper written by those who obviously have grudges towards blogs written by people who didn’t go to their uber-exclusive j-school.

Even if I do get enough votes, I’m pretty sure the editors will pull rank anyway, but still it is worth a shot, right?!

You don’t have to be a Calgarian to vote, you can vote online!  Click here to vote.

Voting closes June 10, 2010.

Mike Morrison