There’s lots of reasons to get out there and travel. But no doubt, one of the most fun things about traveling getting to stay in some amazing places all across Canada. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of AirBnB before, but basically it’s a relatively new site that lets people put their homes up for rent.  Actually, you can even put just your room up for rent if you want to, although I’m less inclined to go with that option. I need my privacy, you know?  So far this year, I’ve used this site twice to find amazing places to stay. Once in Cape Breton and the other in San Francisco. Both worked out perfectly and really, for the value of what you get (a whole house or condo!) you can’t really go wrong.

So that got me thinking, where else in Canada offers up some amazing and unique homes. Actually, it’s sites like this that make me want to change the way I travel: Instead of deciding where you’re going then finding a place to stay, I honestly think I’m going to start booking my trips based on the awesome homes you can rent…without breaking the bank.

Here are some of my favourites!

Your own island

Kingston, Ontario
$160/ day (3 days or more)
$180/ day (if only 2 days)
$600/ 3 day holiday weekend
Up to 4 people and 2 pets
Fun fact: Boat is included.
Check it out.


(Another) Your own island

another island
Near Ottawa, Ontario
Funky older cottage on private island. Spectacular water views all round, yet secluded from other people. 100 year old base with add-ons over the years, now renovated while maintaining original charm, Pet friendly, great Canadian cottage experience!
Weekly Price: $1129 /week
Sleeps: 6
Fun fact: Cottage is a ten minute…canoe ride.
Check it out.

Your own castle!


Toronto, Ontario
Description: Situated on over thirty hectares of land overlooking downtown Toronto, the “Oaklands” property is a serene and secure environment only a few steps away from fashionable Yorkville, Casa Loma Castle, CN Tower and Toronto Islands.
Price: $11,378 /week, $4,499 /2 nights, $6,699/3 nights.
26 guests.  (That works out to only $62 bucks a night for the week!)
Fun fact: This place has 7.5 bathrooms. (Because eight would have been over the top.)
Check it out. 

Your own ’64 Airstream & Hut


On the edge of Cape Breton Island, overlooking the sea, mountains and a miles-long beach. Only for people who can handle the occasional storm and/or power outage, and who love birds, wildlife, the maritime culture and… vintage Airstreams!
Price: $650 /week
Sleeps: two guests
Fun Fact: The 1964 Airstream trailer  sits high on 700 feet of Atlantic oceanfront.
Check it out

Your own Mongolian Yurt

yurtWhitehorse, Yukon Territory
Description: Enjoy the luxury and privacy of this hand crafted Mongolian yurt. Set in 21 private acres on Cowley Lake, this is the perfect place to base your Yukon adventures and take time out to relax. The stunning lake and mountain views are worth the visit.
Price: $582 /week
Sleeps: 5
Fun fact: Don’t worry, guests have bathroom access in the property’s main house.
Check it out

Your own Cob Cottage

cob cottage
Mayne Island, BC
Description: Featured in numerous books on natural building, our cottage is a welcoming and cozy retreat hand sculpted of local, sustainable natural materials located on a lovely acreage with sheep, gardens and orchards.
Price: $587/week
Sleeps: 2
Fun fact:  Going car free? The bus stops at the cottage’s driveway.
Check it out

Your own tree house!

Millarville, Alberta
Description: Lovely tree house on a hillside in the woods. Ideal for a couple or someone looking for the tree experience but also solitude and quiet.
Price: $474/week
Sleeps: 2
Fun fact: Free Bottle of wine included with a minimum two-night stay.
Check it out

(Another) Your own tree house

Blue Mountains, Ontario
Description: Climb into this rustic and charming Treehouse that looks out onto the Beaver River amongst a private woodlot. Sleep to the tunes of crickets and the breeze in the all-wood cozy cabin.
Cost: $108/night
Sleeps: 3 guests.
Fun fact: The tree house is available May 1 – Oct 31. Did someone say perfect place to stay for Halloween?
Check it out.

Your Own Converted Church


Annapolis Royal, NS
Description: This converted church is an adult oasis and a retreat for those needing a good break from city-life or the fast-paced work.
Cost: $135/night
Sleeps: 4 guests
Fun fact: What could be more fun than a fabulous and comfy converted church?
Check it out

Your own “cabin” in the woods


Golden, BC
Description: Located on the Blaeberry river near Golden BC, this unique and decidedly modern cabin is the ultimate retreat.
Cost: $360/night
Sleeps: 8 guests
Fun fact: The home is surrounded by five provincial parks.
Check it out!

Your own houseboat (bonus canoe)

houseboatVictoria, BC
Description: Located on our private wharf in a sheltered harbour just past downtown Victoria, our houseboat is perfect for those who like something a little different (and really fun!) Comes with a free Canoe!
Cost: $135/night
Sleeps: 4
Fun fact: The boat’s name is ‘The Dandy HoBo’
Check it out

Your own Cabin By The Sea

Tors Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador
Description: A wonderful cabin we built six years ago. It is comfortable and private, high cielings, one bedroom, bathroom, and full size sitting/breakfast/kitchen room with an extra bed – sofa. You are 500 feet from the wharf which is the hub of this outport.
Cost: $95/night
Sleeps: 3
Fun fact: The community has only about 18 houses.
Check it out.

Mike Morrison


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