I’m a bad blu-ray owner.

I’ve had my blu-ray for a couple of months now and I own one singular DVD. It’s naturally, The Dark Knight. I think I’m too scared to commit to buying too many Blu-Rays because I don’t necessarily trust that they are going to still be around in a couple of months.

I mean just look at what happened to the poor owners of the HD Player and all their now useless HD DVDs. They have about as much value as winning a Canadian reality show.

But it turns out that is not lost for those of you who still own HD DVDs. Because according to The Review Crew, there is a new trade-in program called Red2Blu. All you do is send in your old HD-DVDs and this company will send you the Blu-Ray Version!

You can’t put a price on that! So cool.
Oh wait…yes you can put a price on it. It’s $4.95 per disc plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

Still better than trying to sell them on Ebay right?!

Mike Morrison