This weekend, Calgarians have the chance to show all the reasons the love the city they call home! The #LoveYYC hashtag is being used to celebrate what makes our city unique and share all the fantastic things that contribute to making our city terrific.

I’ve been living here for 11 years now and I really, truly love it. It’s evolved into a completely different city from the one that I met on October 1st, 2005. It’s warm, it’s welcoming, it’s strong, creative, fun and rewarding.

On Saturday, dozens of businesses will be participating in the #LoveYYC Day celebration and offering one-time deals on anything you can imagine. You can check out the whole list here.

There’s so many reasons to #LoveYYC, I couldn’t just think of one or two, so I thought of a hundred.

Here’s mine, what are yours?

1. Skyline Luge at Winsport Park.


It’s like real life Mario Kart.

2. Market Collective.


A market packed with cool local goods, with bands and a bar? Yes, please.

3. Calgary Pride


It may not be as big as Toronto or Vancouver’s but it’s packed with heart…and rainbows.

4. Calgary Folk Music Festival

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.36.31 PM

For four days a year, the Calgary Folk Musical Festival turns Prince’s Island Park into a small town, filled with music, food and the city’s best people.

5. The Calgary Stampede Grandstand show

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 5.02.18 PM

If those darn kids don’t make you cry, you’re not doing Stampede right.

6. St. Patrick’s Island


A perfect island oasis in the middle of the city.

7. Pop Up Swing Classes in Poppy Plaza

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.30.20 PM

The way Glenn Miller would have wanted it.

8. National’s Rooftop Patio


Home of Canada’s largest rooftop patio!

9. Peace Bridge


As if this wasn’t going to make the list.

10. The Calgary Tower


Even if it looks smaller and smaller every year, it’s iconic and rightly so.

11. Fall colours


Even if they come in August.

12. Inglewood


Calgary’s first neighbourhood is still its best.

13. Ascension


It would terrifying if it wasn’t public art.

14. Summer storms


Good for photos, bad for insurance.

15. Sunnyside


Originally settled in the late 1800s, Sunnyside bounced back from the 2013 flood more beautiful than ever.

16. Wonderland


Jaume Plensa’s sculpture is Calgary’s crown jewel.

17. Mandy Stobo


Her art is in homes across the world, including mine.

18. The beavers


It doesn’t get much cuter than urban beavers.

19. The Ship and Anchor patio

Rain or shine, winter or summer, the patio is always open for business.

20. Stephen Avenue


A paradise for pedestrians and cyclists (during the day.)

21. Sky 360


The Calgary Tower’s restaurant offers the best 360 degree views in the city…all with never leaving your seat.

22. The lobby of 8th Ave. Place


One of Calgary’s newest skyscrapers is an Instagrammers dream come true.

23. Skating in Olympic Plaza


Not very many places in the world where you can skate where Olympians once received their medals.

24. Field of Crosses


More than 3,200 crosses places on Memorial Drive to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

25. Beakerhead



Stampede meets science…and giant bunnies. What’s not to love.

26. The view from McHugh Bluff


Anytime of year, this spot offers the best views of downtown Calgary.

27. Street festivals


It seems like there is one every weekend in the summertime, with Sunfest and LilacFest being the most popular.

28. Calgary sunsets


Simply put: Every night is incredible.

29. Fireworks at the Calgary Stampede


Ten straight nights of amazing shows in the sky.

30. River surfing


The only good thing left over from the flood.

31. Public pianos


Scattered around the city, you never know when you’ll be treated to a beautiful concert.

32. The Bow River


Whether you surf, float, fish or paddleboard, this stunning river never disappoints.

33. The Calgary Expo


One of Canada’s largest expos of it’s kind is a wonder for the eyes and the imagination.

34. Bike pathways


Calgary has the most extensive bike pathway in all of North America!

35. Central Memorial Park


Created in 1889, this park has been a meeting point for Calgarians for over one hundred years.

36. This guy


The city became a better place the day we put him in charge of it.

37. The Water Centre


This building is so green, it’ll pay for itself in 15 years.

38. Fishing downtown


Not very many cities you can do that.

39. Heritage Park


Calgary’s history isn’t too long, but Heritage Park celebrates it perfectly.

40. That car that parks by Sunnyside Station


Whoever owns it has a flare for the dramatic.

41. Ralph Klein Park

Calgary’s Best Kept Secret. I know you’ve never been. You’re missing out.

42. Because this is a normal sight


43. Skating at Prince’s Island Park


44. When they light the Calgary Tower


Whether it’s a special occasion or celebrating an Olympic gold medal, there aren’t really better sights!

45. The cold


Calgarians embrace the cold, it makes us who we are.

46. Chinooks


Of course the only reason we endure the cold is because we know there’s a chinook just around the corner.

47. Harvey The Hound


The only thing consistent about the Calgary Flames is how much fun Harvey is.

48. The Mountains


While not technically in Calgary, they sometimes seem like they are just in our backyard.

49. The skylight at The Core


It’s the largest point-supported structural glass skylight in the world.

50. The bike lanes


No surprise the bike lanes are on this list. In the year since they were installed, they’ve already logged more than one million trips!

51. The public art in the East Village


One of the North America’s largest revitalization projects came with some stunning art.

52. The National Music Centre


It just opened and I’ve barely got a sense of how much there is to explore. This place is amazing!

53. The Pool at Hotel Arts

A welcome respite from Calgary’s hottest days isn’t just reserved for the hotel’s guests. Buy a drink and you can hop right in.

54. The Thai Noodle Soup at Rosso


I’m no foodie, but trust me.

55. The Patio at Last Best Brewing


It’s still a bit of a secret, but once you find it, you’ll never leave.

56. Plant


You’ll never leave empty handed.

57. Alforno


People said the bike lanes would kill business. Alforno opened up right on one and I haven’t been able to get a seat since.

58. Family of Man


This 21-foot-tall sculpture was created for the British pavilion at expo 67, then gifted to Calgary.

59. Bloom


Another piece of awesome public art, but the only one that features a bird’s nest.

60. The Penguin Walk at The Calgary Zoo


Sadly, Morgan Freeman does not narrate it.

61. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Yes, even I had fun there. It’s basically a real life video game.

62. Devonian Gardens


While not as good as it was pre-renovations, the gardens are still a great place to warm up during our winters. (I still miss the turtles.)

63. Peter’s Drive In


There’s better burger places (Boogies, Regrub, Flippin’ Burgers, Clive Burger) but Peter’s has stood the test of time. It’s an institution.

64. Watching cricket in Riley Park


Who even knows what’s happening. Doesn’t matter. Still fun to watch.

65. The Roughnecks


Easily the most fun (and affordable) sports entertainment in Calgary.

66. This lady:

67. The Chinese Cultural Centre


Built in 1992, it’s modeled after the Hall of Prayers of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

68. The Cecil Hotel sign


The East Village saved it and now you can find it in the St. Louis Hotel.

69. The Simmons Building


Once home to mattresses, it’s now home to some of the best food, coffee and views in the city.

70. Breweries


There are now dozens of choices for those of us who like to drink local, with Big Rock, Village, Tool Shed, Wildrose being among some of my favourites.

71. Floating down the Elbow River


It’s like a lazy river, but with beer and duck poop.

72. The Doctor Who-themed utility box in Kensington


73. How nice our YMCAs are


Seriously, they are so nice.

74. Christmas in Calgary


When all the buildings coordinate their colours it would melt even Scrooge’s cold heart.

75. Crave Cupcakes


Breakfast. Lunch. Supper. Repeat.

76. Fiasco Gelato


One of Calgary’s biggest success stories is also one of the city’s tastiest treats.

77. The Cowtown Webseries

So funny.

78. Fish Creek Park


The second largest urban park in Canada after Pippy Park in St. John’s!

79. Charcut


All the meat. All the poutine.

80. Whitehall


One time I went there and they were serving fiddleheads, which alone makes them deserving of this list.

81. Poppy Plaza


While it wasn’t initially my favourite, it’s grown on me.

82. These bike counters


So many cyclists are using the tracks, the sign capped out early.

83. Neil Zeller’s photos of Calgary

A photo posted by Neil Zeller (@neil_zee) on

84. Chinook Arc


Put your phone up to it, play some music and see it light up!

85. Village Ice Cream


No matter the weather, it’s always time for Village Ice Cream.

86. Quarry Park


A hidden gem just off the Deerfoot.

87. The Bow Tower


The nicest building Calgary has had in years. Now if only it would let the public enjoy its sky gardens.

88. Weadickville


The place to go if you want to save money at the Calgary Stampede.

89. This house


90. This shop dog


91. Camp Brand Goods


I dare you to find me comfier clothes.

92. The big ol’ sky


93. Conversation


This public art was first installed in 1980. It was installed today, it would be called “Blame NDP.”

94. Cannibale


Walk in. Order Everything.

95. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary


I’ve ever never seen any birds there, but it’s still really pretty.

96. The wall at Fresh Laundry


Touch it. You know you wanna.

97. The rides at the Calgary Stampede

Eat after.

98. Buttermilk


One waffle is never enough.
Twelve is barely scratching the surface.

99. The 150 off leash dog parks


Fido never had it so good.

100. The Root Beer float at The Beltliner.


Mike Morrison


  1. 1. Alberta College of Art and Design (one of 4 art colleges in Canada)
    2. Nosehill Park
    3. Weaslehead Flats
    4. Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
    5. Chinatown

  2. Pretty much nailed it Mike! Except I know you’re not a sports guy, so I would just add the Flames and Stampeders!

  3. great choices but you forgot:

    Nose Hill Park: Third largest urban park in Canada AND of the largest urban parks in North America. It is a municipal park as well unlike Fish Creek which is a Provincial Park. It is a jewel and you can see those Big skies you have listed like nowhere else.

    Calgary Public Libraries: access to all and the new one being built downtown is going to be amazing!

    I love my hometown of Calgary!

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