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When you think of summer, you probably think about long bike rides, hikes in the mountains, swimming in the river and, most importantly: patios. Luckily, Calgary has a ton of them. Whether you’re looking for a big party or something a little quieter and more private, the range of patios is practically unprecedented. The fact that many of the city’s top patios also happen to be home to some of the 35,000 Shaw Go WiFi hotspots scattered all across Western Canada, is just icing on the cake, or in this case, ice in your margarita.

With so many great patios to choose from, here are some of my favourites.


1012 17 Ave SW

Known for their great wine and great Italian food, before Cibo even opened people were already talking about their patio and it’s easy to see why.  It’s a tucked treasure from the business of the Red Mile.


Oak Tree Tavern
124 10 St NW

Higher is better and that’s why the Oak Tree Tavern patio has become so popular. Elevated in the middle of the alley, the patio offers unobstructed views of the downtown core and the bright, warm sun.

Craft Beer Market:
345 10 Ave SW

It’s opened for just two weeks and Craft Beer Market’s is already one ofthe best things about this year’s Stampede. It has a prime location and it’s huge!

World Bier House
1410 17 Ave SW

I’ve never met a rooftop patio that I haven’t liked and World Bier House is one of the best! High above 17th Ave, the patio is perfect for people watching and getting away from the noise of one of Calgary’s busiest streets.

The Living Room Restaurant
514 17 Ave SW

One of the most glamourous patios in town, pull up a seat next to the fireplace and watch the night fly by as you sip on wine and enjoy delicious dishes.

500 Cucina
1003 9 Ave SE


One of the best patios in the historic neighbourhood, 500 Cucina serves up Italian fare with contemporary twists and if you want, you can actually book the whole thing for your own private party!


Upper Deck Public House
#201 1104 6 Ave SW


In terms of destinations, the western part of downtown Calgary isn’t the most popular, which makes the patio at the Upper Deck Public House so great. Not only does it offer up a great view of downtown, chances are you’ll always be able to grab a great seat and soak in the sun.

80th and Ivy

1127 17 Ave SW

In terms of evening sun, 80th and Ivy has one of the best patios for those of us who like to sip on sangria as we watch the sun set over the city. And since summer nights are so long, you can enjoy the views for hours.


Barley Mill
201 Barclay Parade SW

Nestled in between downtown and Prince’s Island Park, Barley Mill’s patio has to be one of Calgary’s biggest. It wraps around most of the building and then offers up even better vantage points from the second floor. Whether you like to soak in the sun or cool down in the shade, Barley Mill is one of the city’s best.


Ox and Angela
528 17th Ave SW

Are you a people watcher like me?  Then Ox and Angela is probably for you.  It’s so close to the sidewalk, you’re almost guaranteed to see someone you know…or someone you wish you knew better.

Mike Morrison