Everyone’s favourite show about one girl and five gays is nominated for an award and I think we all should take a few moments to vote for them!  (Okay, I’m not sure if there is another show about one girl and five gays on tv, but I wanted to have a strong introduction!)

MTV Canada’s 1G5G debuted in the states last year on LOGO and since then it has exploded in its popularity!  The show has deservedly been nominated for 2011 NEWNOWNEXT Award!  The annual awards show celebrates who and what are about to hit it big and it’s been nominated in the TV You Betta Watch category, even more impressive is the calabre of show the small Canadian production is up against including: Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries and Skins.  (I’m not bolding those shows to decrease your desire to vote for them.)

The voting is entirely done by the fans and the deadline to vote is Friday, March 4th, which is quickly approaching.  The best part about the voting is that it is super simple – no registering or logging in required.

I think it would be so cool for such a small Canadian show to be given an award with international recognition!

Click here to vote!

Click here to vote!

Click here to vote!


Mike Morrison


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  4. ……oh my gosh, just watched the show for the first time tonight. Loove all my baby boys!……..

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