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The best “Call Me Maybe” video yet!

Okay, just when you thought there were no more “Call Me Maybe” videos to watch, I think I may have just found the funniest one yet.   This one, created by Steve Kardynal, is guaranteed to make you laugh this Friday. Joining together the mind-numbingly addictive truck and Chatroulette, he’s created what I think should be the next revolution of the music video.

To truly appreciate this video, you have to know that Chatroulette is a website that randomly assigns someone for you to video-chat with. So with a click of a button, you’re thrust into a stranger’s living room or bedroom. The reactions to people seeing Kardynal in a variety of bathing suits singing the summer’s biggest song is beyond hilarious.

So who (and how) will someone top this one?  I don’t know if can be done.



  1. Meesheme

    needed that 🙂

  2. Cindy W

    Yup, lmao on this one. Whole family did. Thanks for the giggle!

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