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Review: Smug for a Reason-Josh Ritter and The Royal City Band

November 2, 2010

Special review written by Dan Meades On Monday night, Josh Ritter and his Royal City Band took on the daunting echoing room at Knox United Church in Calgary, if you didn’t know better you would have said that Ritter had …

Review: Kreviazuk is orchestrated perfection!

October 27, 2010

This is a copy of a letter I would like to send to Chantal Kreviazuk if anyone is stupid enough to give me her direct email. ‘Sup Chantal, How’s it going?  I don’t think we’ve actually met before.  But I’m …

Review: Being Erica’s season premiere

September 21, 2010

Dear Being Erica fans, This is possibly the hardest review I’ve ever had to write.  Why?  Because I don’t know how to tell you a single thing about the show’s third season premiere without spoiling it.  Seriously.  The show takes …

Review: Cirque Du Soliel’s Kooza

September 15, 2010

When Cirque Du Soleil’s Kooza opens today in Calgary, audiences will have no idea what to expect and that’s what makes this show so amazing.  I got the chance to see the sneak peek of the modern-day circus on Wednesday …

Chicago: A Day of “Best Evers!”

August 26, 2010

So I have a bit of a problem and I was wondering if you could help.   You see, I’ve been in Chicago since Monday and I am supposed to leave.  The only problem is I really don’t think I can.  …

Review: The Black Eyed Peas in Concert!

August 23, 2010

I just got back from the sold-out Black Eyed Peas concert and yes, I’m a hot and sweaty mess! I don’t know the last time I danced to hard!  The entire concert was a complete party and I couldn’t be …

Review and Thoughts: Lilith Fair

June 28, 2010

For months now people have been talking about Lilith Fair. Okay, I lied. For months now people have been talking about how much people are not talking about Lilith Fair. As hard as they tried, organizers simply could not get …

Dr. Horrible: Live vs. BluRay

May 29, 2010

It’s been a big week for the cult internet sensation Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long Blog. On Tuesday, the BluRay edition of the movie hit shelves and just a couple of days later, the first ever production of Dr. Horrible Live opened …