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Meet the Polaris Long List!

June 14, 2012

Today is like Christmas day for those who love Canadian music and especially for those who make it! Today, The Polaris Music Prize long list of nominates was announced and, as always, it highlights the BEST of Canadian music from …

Arcade Fire wins the Polaris Prize…but do they need it?

September 19, 2011

Tonight, in a star studded gala, The sixth annual Polaris Prize was handed out.  The night featured performances from some of the ten bands that made the Polaris Short List including Austra, Braids, Galaxie, Hey Rosetta!, Ron Sexsmith and Timber …

The Polaris Long List Announced!

June 16, 2011

The Polaris Music prize is by far one of my favourite competitions in Canada.  Not only does it highlight a wide variety of this country’s musicians, I also selfishly use it stock up my IPod with fantastic music, which leads …

And the winner of the Polaris Prize is….

September 20, 2010

Congrats to the Montreal band Karkwa for winning the Polaris Music Prize on Monday night!  It was a star-studded and amazing night for Canadian music and it was a fantastic moment to watch the band’s shocked faces as they were …

Polaris: The Best Way to Find New Music!

August 18, 2010

We are only 32 days away from finding which extremely talent Canadian musician will win the 2010 Polar Music Prize!!!! Out of all the awards in Canada, this is my absolute favourite because it allows Canadians the chance to discover …

The Polaris Short List is here! Listen Now!

July 6, 2010

Another great day for Canadian Music! After weeks of waiting, The Polaris Music Prize short list was announced today. And while it is not surprsing that many of the bands are from Ontario, it is great to see some musicians …

Polaris: The Forty Best!

June 18, 2010

The Polaris Music Prize Long List was announced on Thursday.  The prize recognizes the best in Canadian music and this year, surprisingly, I’ve heard of most of the nominees! This is a huge improvement that over the last few years, …

It is time to Polaris!

June 17, 2010

Today is like Christmas day for Canadian music lovers because today is the day that the long list for the Polaris Music Prize is announced! Don’t know what the Polaris Music Prize is? Then educate yourself. Since only  launching in …

2 Reviews/99 Words: Joel Plaskett and Barenaked Ladies

April 9, 2010

>On a surprisingly snowy night, Calgarians were treated to a rare-concert experience. In an attempt to regain their momentum after losing their lead singer, The Barenaked Ladies have just embarked on a North American tour. As an opening act, they’ve …

Hedley's New Low

October 16, 2009

> Usually I like to bring you great Canadian music. But today is a little different, today I bring you one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. The song, is especially bad because of the band that sings it. …

Take Polaris Home!

September 24, 2009

>Still can’t get enough of the Polaris Music Prize?! Now you can support Canadian Music and decorate your living or bathroom at the same time. Each of the Polaris nominees have autograph each of their uniquely designed posters. You can …

Polaris: Listen More

September 23, 2009

>All week long I’ve been talking about the Polaris Music Prize. And let’s be honest, many of you have no freaking clue what I’m talking about. But that’s fine, that’s what I’m here for. The Polaris Prize is a great …

And the winner is….

September 22, 2009

> The winners of the Polaris Music prize went to…….. Fucked Up‘s Chemistry of Common Life. Only in Canada would a band named Fucked Up win the country’s most prestigious prize. Now go BUY the Best CD of the Year!

Food Fight!

September 22, 2009

>Man I wish I was at the Polaris Gala Food Fight!

The Big Winner….

September 21, 2009

>The Polaris Music Prize is finally going to be announced tonight! Who do think is going to win? My fake-money is on Chad Van Gaalen, but I was nearly persuaded this weekend to think the honor was going to Joel …