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New streaming service brings every season of Survivor to Canada with it!

May 30, 2018

The. Day. Has. Finally. Come. Ever since streaming services started popping up a few years ago, I’ve been patiently waiting for the day that I could close all my curtains, throw my phone away and spend hours, days, weeks watching …


As Rick Mercer Report ends, Canadian media loses an important LGTBQ2+ voice.

April 10, 2018

Tuesday marks a sad today for the Canadian media landscape. That’s because it marks the final episode of The Rick Mercer Report will air. (Anyone remember when it was called The Monday Report….but then it stopped airing on Monday.) In …

List of Canadian cities participating in March For Our Lives

March 6, 2018

Do you feel that?  That feeling, it’s change. And you’re like me, you’ve been feeling it a lot lately.  Ever since 17 of their classmates and teachers were gunned down on Valentine’s Day, I’ve constantly been inspired by the spirit …

“Pick on someone your own size!”: Rick Mercer tells Jason Kenney to leave LGTBQ youth alone!

November 15, 2017

In terms of LGTBQ advocated, they don’t come much greater and funnier than Rick Mercer, so I was thrilled when I tuned into this week’s Rick Mercer report and see that his famous rant this week was about Bill 24 …

Seven of 2016’s Very Canadian headlines about Tim Hortons!

December 28, 2016

Tim Hortons Tims Timmies. No matter what you call it, there’s no argument that the coffee shop is a Canadian institution. So it should come as no surprise that the chain is home to some of the funniest and weirdest …

So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh? Ellen’s hilarious message for Americans wanting to move to Canada!

March 21, 2016

With the American election getting closer and closer (but not close enough), people are really starting to think about what if Donald Trump wins?  A mere joke just a few months ago, remember when he hosted SNL?, it now seems …

A handy guide to making the most of the mountains this spring!

March 18, 2016

Presented in Partnership with Travel Alberta And one of my favourite things about spring, especially here in Alberta is that there’s a chance that you can really enjoy all four seasons in a matter of days, sometimes in the same …

Study shows that Canadians are nicer than Americans on Twitter!

January 11, 2016

We like to joke that we Canadians are nice people, but is that really true? Well a new study from McMaster University shows that when it comes to Twitter, Canadians are definitely nicer than americans. The study gathered three million …

The Canadian Olympic Committee’s LGTBQ rights campaign is beautiful!

June 23, 2015

Wow!  The Canadian Olympic Committee just released a powerful video with athletes sharing their own emotional stories for a Public Service Announcement exploring and promoting LGBTQ inclusion in sport. While this video might not seem like a big deal to some, …

John Oliver weighing in on the Canadian Senate scandal is the best thing since Danger Bay!

June 15, 2015

If you’re not watching John Oliver’s show on HBO, it’s honestly one of the big things out there. It’s one of the few shows that I still watch live, because I want to be joining in on the fun as Twitter …

These Jeopardy contestants know absolutely nothing about Canada

June 2, 2015

Jeopardy is often deemed one of the toughest game shows in the world, mostly because you have to be smart to be on it. Contestants often try out dozens of times before actually making the show, and even when they …

Canadians are filling potholes with flowers!

May 26, 2015

Potholes are as common in Canada as, well, moose? I guess. I don’t know, they’re pretty common. Anyway, with the cold weather behind us for a few months, the rise (or fall) of the pothole is a struggle that all …

Stats Canada says Vancouver is Canada’s unhappiest city!

April 20, 2015

I was reading VanCity buzz this morning and they posted a story about a new Stats Canada report about city satisfaction and to my surprise, the report shows that Vancouver is Canada’s unhappiest city!  I actually found that surprising considering …

34 Canadians danced across Canada to Pharrell’s Happy!

February 27, 2015

Is it okay if we don’t talk about that dress for a second? Long before the dress basically broke the internet, Pharrell’s highly addictive song “Happy” was stuck in Canadians heads for at least six months. Well, add one more …

Calgary to host the 2016 Junos!

February 27, 2015

Well this is just great news! It’s just been announced that Calgary will be playing host to the 2016 Juno Awards.  Which, in case you didn’t know, are like our Grammy Awards. Except they’re like the Oscars, because CTV has …