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Sponsored Video: The Ford Escape Ballet!

Dec 04, 2012

This post is sponsored by Ford Canada

This video was put out by Ford Canada and it’s called The Escape Ballet.

I haven’t been lucky enough to own a car that does the park assist yet, but when I do, you better believe that I’m going to make them do this. I’m going to call up all my friends and we’re going to do a Gangnam Style-esque music video. Too ambitious? Still, it’d be fun to try.

I’m actually excited to see more and more cars getting this amazing tool. Sure it’s important to know how to parallel park, but why not use technology to help us out every now and then…especially on crazy busy streets.

Also, is it sad that an SUV is a better dancer than me?


  1. What’s it take to become a sublime exuneodpr of prose like yourself?

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