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Scoop: Susanne Fox leaving Breakfast Television!

Even though Calgary’s edition of Breakfast Television has already gone through a ton of changes over the past six months, it looks like there are even more changes in store for the show!

The popular morning show saw it’s very popular host Dave Kelly step away in December, then came the nationwide City TV cutbacks which made the show slim down to three hours and lose a lot of it’s favourite personalities.

And now another departure is about to hit the station.  While it hasn’t been announced on the TV show, an office memo was circulated to all Rogers TV employees that the show’s current host Susanne Fox will wrapping up her time on Breakfast Television this Friday!

No exact reason for the departure has been leaked, but it will certainly be hard to see her leave.  I’ve worked with Fox quite a few times and we’ve always had a blast together!  She’ll definitely be missed.

Since the show has yet to name a replacement for Dave Kelly, that means Breakfast Television will now be without any official hosts.

I happen to know a certain bald blogger who has a ton of free time.  Especially in the morning.

I’m just saying…..


  1. Jeremy

    Hate that Angela kokot. Deer in the headlight look at all times. Alway staring at that fag Bruce.

  2. Karla

    I am sorry to report that I can not watch BT anymore. I used to love this morning show. Please tell the new hosts to stop ‘laugh talking’ . I can’t take it anymore.

    So sad to go.

  3. Don

    Should be renamed F channel, major fail and not worth watching anymore, would rather listen to radio or watch paint dry than watch BTV

  4. Joanne

    Well, after trying to watch BT on and off to see if anything has changed(NOT), I have finally signed off on it and gone to Global TV. The morning show has a fresher look to it now and I enjoy seeing Cara Fullerton. Her new look is savvy. Thanks to TwoLane for running this blog, but it looks like City TV is doomed.

  5. Joanne

    Whoops. This is Mike Yawney’s blog not TwoLane ( check above for TwoLane’s link ) and I am sure that Mike would love to be rid of this dialog on his blog .

  6. mike

    Hey Joanne,

    This isn’t Mike Yawney’s blog either. You can tell because I don’t have good hair. :-)

  7. Joanne

    Egad ! Sorry about that, I just made the connection of seeing Mike Yawney at the top of the page and made the wrong assumption. I never thought to click on the “about Mike” to see that I had the wrong guy !

  8. Jack

    What is going on at Global TV, Calgary?
    The entire on air team; everyone, that made that the best morning news show (apologies to BT fans)are all gone.
    Bruce M is the latest to depart and yes, Susanne Fox was a great replacement for Angela Kokott but is now on mat. leave (to return??). Gord Gillies and Amber are very good but the previous crew seemed to actually like each other with teasing and banter that made you chuckle out loud.

    I assume it is a money thing; but Mangament should know that a.m. viewers have been moving on as it became evident that mgmt has been dismantling this once great morning team over the past few months.

  9. Jilly

    Wow! Has Bruce gone now then? I didn’t realize, I thought he was on holidays again! I’m surprised that Gord Gillies is back, then, as he was doing the evening news. I don’t mind Gord and Amber, but I’m finding the show to be a bit mundane in the mornings. Gord seems too uptight and serious and Amber, though new, hopefully will let her hair down a bit, so to speak. My critism of the segment that I watch from 6:00 to 6:30 am is that there is too much sports and not a lot of variety. So it is really a big yawn for those who don’t need to know what the Flames and Stampeders are up to. I checked out BT this morning for the first time in ages as channel 7 was just a blank screen for Global. They have Ted co-anchoring with Tara. I’m surprised she is still there and not surprised at all that Zain was booted from the show. I didn’t see Jill there at all, so I’m wondering if she is still with BT. Why do the powers that be have to change what is working?

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