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My march with the Calgary Zoo’s penguins!

My march with the Calgary Zoo’s penguins!

Jan 11, 2013

Okay, so it wasn’t a march, but it was definitely a walk.

Today, I got a sneak peek at the Calgary Zoo’s Penguin Walk, which opens up to the public on Monday and it was so much cooler than I ever good imagine. Ever since the penguins came to the zoo last, I’ve been dying to see them and getting the chance to see them up close and personal was more than I could have asked for.

Updated times for 2015:

Starting next week at 11:00am on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays until the spring, the King penguins will get some exercise by going for 15 minutes walk outside of their habitat. Fans of penguins will be able to line up along the pathway and get to see penguins like never before. As far as the Calgary Zoo knows, they’re the only Canadian zoo to offer up an experience like this. There’s no additional cost to go for a walk with the penguins. But really the whole thing is completely priceless.

The penguins can go for walks most days, as long as it’s warmer than -25 and colder than +10. I’d still suggest that you call ahead to the zoo and make that the penguin walk is happening the day you’re planning on going.

Here are some more pics.



Now, can they do the same thing with the monkeys?


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  2. Audrey Daman

    Too much fun!!

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