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My life is the internet – a day in the life of Mike’s Bloggity

My life is the internet – a day in the life of Mike’s Bloggity

Nov 08, 2016

Presented in partnership with Shaw

Do you ever stop and wonder what the world did before the internet? Before you had Wikipedia to fact check everything. Before you had a place to post all your vacation photos. Before you could instantly receive letters from halfway around the world. I was alive during this time, but I honestly don’t know how people did it.

We got the internet…with a dial-up chord that required no phone usage for the entire evening or a second landline (landlines – who has those anymore?!), then the coveted DSL, cable, WiFi and satellite.

Now we’ve evolved to products like Shaw’s WideOpen Internet 150. It’s a new internet plan that gives you a fast speed, terabyte of data and no fees for going over. Why didn’t this exist when I was 12 and fighting with my siblings over their need to use the phone and my need to update my Geocities website!

I’m very glad it exists now – especially since I spend a very large portion of my time using the internet and data to do so many things – and not just to blog either. Let me walk you through a day in the life of Mike – using the internet for everything and loving being alive in 2016

7:10 – Wake up to my Wake N Shake alarm app

7:15 – Open phone and check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and my email for any breaking news

7:30 – Shower while listening to my current favourite Spotify playlist

8:00 – Eat breakfast, scan QR code on the back of my box of cereal and wonder why people still create and/or use QR codes

8:30 – See idea for a new story on Twitter and go down the internet rabbit hole of knowledge looking for facts

9:30 – Come out of internet rabbit hole

9:35 – Check emails

9:45 – Take a picture of my cat being majestic and post to Facebook:


10:00 – Respond to emails

10:30 – Watch the last 12 hours of people’s stories in my SnapChat

10:45 – Check emails

10:56 – Check Facebook

11:00 – Test all the new SnapChat face filters for the day, decide I don’t like them and post nothing

11:07 – Scan Twitter

11:15 – Pull up the Car2Go app to see if there are any cars near my house. There is, reserved:


11:20 – Locate car and drive to Starbucks

11:30 – Use Starbucks app to buy a coffee

11:40 – Check emails

11:42 – Scan Twitter

11:45 – Decide to walk home. Take pictures of the Bow River


12:15 – Arrive home. Filter, edit and perfect the photo of the river – post to Instagram

12:20 – Scan Instagram

12:30 – Decide to try something new for lunch. Search YouTube for a video of a famous chef making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, get lost in the YouTube vortex

1:00 – Getting hangry. Watch “The Science of the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich” video and make my lunch

1:30 – Eat sandwich

1:45 – Browse the internet for story ideas, see an ad for a awesome chair

1:50 – Check my online banking to see if I have funds to buy chair

1:55 – Purchase chair

2:10 – Regret purchasing chair

2:11 – Start to write a story

2:15 – Turn on Netflix for background noise

2:45 – Get distracted by an old episode of Friday Night Lights. There is an actor in it that I KNOW I know from somewhere…but I can’t figure it out. It is going to drive me nuts. Pull up IMDB and identify him. I can now go on with my day

3:30 – Finish story and post to blog

3:45 – Have a phone interview with someone famous. Turn on YouTube videos of cats playing with yarn to entertain my cat while I talk

3:30 – Check emails

3:35 – Post to Facebook that I just watched videos of cats playing with yarn while talking to someone famous on the phone

3:45 – Check Twitter, respond to tweets

3:50 – Business conference call

4:30 – Decide to make lasagna for dinner, Google best recipes

5:30 – Pour a glass of wine…or two

5:45 – Look for the latest season of How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix. Not yet available. Download latest episodes using iTunes

6:00 – Take a video talking about my lasagna. It looks great! Post to Instagram stories

6:15 – Check and respond to emails

6:30 – Get dressed for an event. Use Twitter to crowdsource voting on what tie I should wear. Wooden bike bowtie wins. It always does.


6:45 – Open Uber app and think about how sad it is that Calgary doesn’t have Uber

6:46 – Open Checker Cab app and order cab

7:15 – Arrive at event

8:30 – Leave event

8:50 – Arrive home

8:55 – Fact check a bunch of things people said at event on Wikipedia. Some correct, others not

9:00 – FaceTime with my Granny, she likes my tie choice

9:30 – Think of idea for new blog post

9:37 – Write blog post

9:45 – Search for a meme to post with my blog post

10:00 – Tweet about FaceTiming my Granny

10:15 – Post blog post

10:30 – Hang out with my cat

11:00 – Debate going to bed or watching one more episode of How to Get Away with Murder

11:10 – Pass out on couch

4:10 -Check Twitter.

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