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It’s official! The Amazing Race Canada is happening!

It’s official!  The Amazing Race Canada is happening!

Dec 02, 2012



After days and days of teasing, what became Canada’s worst kept secret was just revealed by CTV. 2013 will finally be the year that Canada gets our very own Amazing Race. The show is not what we know though, as it will take place within the borders of Canada. Thoughts? I’m surprised by this, I mean I know it’s expensive, but I always pictured a Canadian production simply teaming up with another country’s and using the same local.

Whether it’s a million dollars or not, has yet to be announced. But I’m guessing it will be less. Big Brother winners claim a $500,000 prize, where Big Brother Canada winners will instead get a $100,000 for pooping in front of millions of people.

What’s surprising about the show’s announcement is how long it took. Since premiering less than a week after 9/11, Amazing Race has become a staple in Canadian homes. Now in its 21st season, the show still pulls in two million plus viewers, regularly placing it as one of the Top 3 most viewed shows in the country.

The biggest issue facing Canadians now is after years of hypothetical “Who would be your teammate” conversation, we’re going to have a chance to actually audition. If the producers follow the same plan as Big Brother Canada, potential racers will be able to either submit a video online or at an open casting call.

So when will it air? The show is usually in production for only for a month, so it will be able to cast and get everything edited in time for a summer airing.

Now the bigger question: With Big Brother Canada and The Bachelor Canada now available in our country, could Survivor Canada be that much further behind?


  1. Chester Chmiel

    Do you have a link to where I can go and apply to be on the show?

  2. Trish

    Where’s the link to apply?

  3. GEry

    My sister and I have submitted an application as we have been fans for 18 of the 21 seasons. When I used to ask myself who would me my hypothetical team mate I never thought of my sister but as now I’m really hoping we get chosen, it would be nice to get to know her as travelling together would defenetly enable that and hopefully we don’t kill each other. Please check out our video

  4. Hey! My sister and I are also applying! I literally screamed when I first saw Phil on TV making the initial announcement this was happening (made my mom spill her coffee haha woops). We’ve talked about being on the show for years, who would do what tasks, who would drive, etc. We even tried to apply then realized of course you had to be American, then made up and taped our episode of the show around our neighborhood 7 years ago haha it’s embarrassing to rewatch. We’d love if you took at look at our audition tape and showed some support! Thanks so much!



    Amazing Race Canada-Kutasi Brothers

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