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How I survived Calgary’s deep freeze!

How I survived Calgary’s deep freeze!

Dec 09, 2013

Man, what does Mother Nature have against Calgary?  First it was the flood, than it was an epic heat wave and now we’re wrapping up 2013 in a very deep freeze.   Besides bundling up under layers and layers of blankets, I’ve found only one way to brave the cold and that’s by taking photos. Sure that means actually venturing out in the cold, but when the wind chill dips under -40 a city that shares two rivers offers up picture opportunities like never before.

Here are some of the photos I got over the past few days!


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  2. Usman Makhdoom

    Heat wave? What heat wave did we have this past summer?

    Dude, like a toddler who has just barely learned to climb on a chair, then the countertop, and then with great effort just barely manage to touch the top of the fridge…

    …Calgary struggles to have summer temperature highs ever break the high-20s mark. Only once or twice did we even venture into the low, low 30s

    I really can’t stand this sort of throwaway writing saying things just for the sake of saying them. Then again, that’s the entire writing culture of the Gawker/Buzzfeed family and their tragically-ironic-but-no-were-no-hispters commenting pool

    Don’t say things that make no sense. Bye.

  3. Nicole

    Great photos!

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