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Have you ever noticed how cheap Calgary hotels can be on weekends?

Have you ever noticed how cheap Calgary hotels can be on weekends?

Nov 01, 2017

Having lived in Calgary nearly 12 years, there’s obviously lots to love about this city. But one thing I think visitors and stay-cationers don’t realize, is just how cheap our hotels are on weekends.  It’s something I noticed years ago and I still can’t believe it. Especially when you try to plan a weekend vacation in other major Canadian cities.

So today is Wednesday, and if I wanted to book at hotel room for this Saturday, in downtown Calgary, according to a Google search here are some of my choices:

Calgary Marriott Downtown: $99
Fairmont Palliser: $159
Hotel Arts $89 (!!!)
Le Germain $189
Hilton Garden Inn $134
Sheraton Suites Eau Claire $149
Delta Hotels Calgary Downtown $132
The Westin Calgary: $129
The International Hotel Calgary $107
Hyatt Regency $189

And I should say, these are all hotels that I would put my granny in. That should always be your bar for booking a hotel room: Would you let your grandmother stay there.

And this isn’t just something that’s happening this weekend, I notice rates like this all the time.  Of course, during the week they get a bit more expensive, but if you’re planning a visit to Calgary, or you don’t want your parents to stay with you (amen!), or you want to maybe plan a bit of a stay-cation, you should check out these hotels.  It’s a great way to explore Calgary, catch a show, have a great meal or just stroll the streets.

Anyway, just wanted to share that little tip.

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