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Day #3 of $500 Gift A Day Giveaway: 10 Blurb Photo Books! (CLOSED)

Day #3 of $500 Gift A Day Giveaway: 10 Blurb Photo Books!  (CLOSED)

Dec 12, 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas, it’s Mike’s Bloggity Blog’s $500 Gift A Day Giveaway! Every day this week, I’ll have an AMAZING gift up for grabs! Each of these gifts is valued at more than $500. For those of you who hate surprises, check out my Facebook page every day for a preview of tomorrow’s gift! Tell your friends and family to play along and five lucky readers will definitely have a very Merry Christmas!

We’re halfway through the week of give aways and I think it’s time to spread the love even more. Today, TEN readers have a chance to win a Blurb gift certificate, worth $50 each!

There was a time, right after digital cameras really took off, when people didn’t really know what to do with their photos. Printing them off all of a sudden felt archaic, but you still wanted to be able to capture and relieve all your memories. This is where beautiful photo books like Blurb come in.

Blurb allows you to take all of your photos and organize them into any kind of book that you want. Whether it’s for friends and family to give at Christmas, or a book capturing all your favourite memories from your trip to the mountains or the lake, you’ll be able to use your Blurb gift to make a gift that will literally last a lifetime.

Fans of Instagram, make sure you check out their Instagram books too, don’t just let those photos sit on your phone. Print them and show them off to all your hipster friends!


How to enter:

Leave a comment:

Tell me about one of your favourite photos that you’ll include in your Blurb photo book.

And/or Tweet:
Day 3 of @mikesbloggity’s $500 Gift A Day Giveaway and I hope to win 1 of 10 gifts from @blurbbooks! #bloggitygifts


Two entries per person. (One via comments, the other through Twitter.)
All contests close Sunday night, December 16th at 11:59pm/MST.

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Day 2: 3-night stay at any Delta Hotel
Day 3: One of ten gifts from Blurb Books.
Day 4: Wii U System and 3 games from Best Buy
Day 4 (Bonus Day!): $500 worth of Sony movies
Day 5: The HTC One X+ from Telus


  1. Jennie

    A photo I would include would be a pic I took of my crazy kitten looking all crazy like. :)

    Tweeted here:

  2. Margaret Imecs

    Me, stuffing myself like a turkey to a slow death of chocolate donuts.

  3. My wedding photos need to go in a wedding book. This would be PERFECT!!!

  4. Danielle Thomson

    I would love to make a book of the photos from when my parents renewed their vows 2 years ago!

  5. Lise

    I’d include some of my travel photos

  6. Heather T

    I captured a moment at a cottage this summer, where my husband is throwing my son up into the air while they’re in the lake. The sun is setting behind them, and my son looks like he’s flying. I adore the shot.

  7. Ryan

    I would make a photo book for my grandmother back in Ontario so that she can have a book of pictures of the family members in Alberta.

  8. Heather R.

    I’d put in photos of my trip to the Maritimes & Newfoundland. Such great memories, such amazing sights!

  9. Justin

    A picture from the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

  10. Margaret C

    All of my pictures from my roadtrip in Scotland.

  11. Monique

    I would include my favourite photo of my husband and me on our wedding day.

  12. Kirsten

    I would put my pictures from my various travels around Europe and South America, and since I’m no good at scrapbooking this would be a nice alternative. (I am the least creative person in the world.)
    Tweeted too! @kettx

  13. Grace

    Our 25th wedding anniversary!!!

  14. Steven

    Our family vacation at Punta Cana

  15. Ian Y

    Pictures of my gf and I without a doubt

  16. Debbie J

    Family pictures of my kids and grandkids.

  17. I would love to have a picture book of my calendar year.

  18. Martine

    For some reason girls always take pics in bathroom, so my book would be of all of those random shot from over the years of me and my friends in bathrooms across the globe. Like this one:

  19. Rebecca

    I would make a book of my first trip to Ireland! As a student I haven’t had the time to print the pictures so I would LOVE to put them into a blurb book! I’ll even promise to put a dedication page to the wonderful Mike in the front of my book if I win :)

  20. Doreen M

    I would include my favorite family picture

  21. Tammy N

    My sis has been sending me random family photos from cousins over the past year. I’d probably put them all together in one book so at the next family reunion we’d know who’s whom.

  22. Pictures of my son to send to family

  23. Joanne A

    some from my travels in Guatemala

  24. Lisa

    pictures of my kids and my family

  25. Karen

    I would love to do my baby’s first year book this way! I think the cover would be us from the Market Collective Photo booth!!

  26. Drew

    My wedding photos

  27. Shoshi Vaxman

    first family vacaiton phtoo

  28. Izak

    first pictures of my grandkids

  29. angela m

    our most recent family photo

  30. Penny R

    I would include my wedding, family and vacation photos in the Blurb book.

  31. I would have a book full of my beautiful kids!

  32. I quit my 9-5 and chased my dream of travel photography. I spent over 3 months practicing my passion and never looked back. There’s a photo I am very proud of, which is taken at the Glacier lagoon in Iceland called Joksursarlon. The sunrise created colors in the sky I’ve never seen in my life.

    Hope all is well, Mike! xo
    Thanks for your inspirational words before Coldplay rocked the Calgarian stage.

  33. Lee

    One of my favorite photos of all time is one I took of Calgary at night last December from the top of Nose Hill. There are the sparkling lights of the city and the snow. It reminds me what I love about this place.

  34. DenverW

    In the process of creating a 2012 year in review book on blurb now, I’m including pics from my wedding, my beautiful wife, family, friends, and trips we have taken!

  35. Mike

    My wife foolishly committed herself to producing a beautiful photo book of our daughters every Christmas for grandparents and extended family. A year in the life of the girls. It’s an amazing gift that she creates every year – and expensive! This would be an awesome prize for her to win.

  36. Keri O'Leary

    My daughter playing in a field of daisies – reminds me of the simple yet beautiful things in life.

  37. Harvey Eng

    There is one photograph I will always carry close to my heart. It is of the day just two years ago where my wife and I first held our little “fur” babies. A couple of maltese poodles pups who we’ve welcomed to our home and became a family!

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays! :)

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