Calgary’s Zoo’s ZOOLIGHTS is one of the city’s most popular holiday traditions. This year, they are celebrating their 20th year with 1.5 million twinkling lights and plenty to see both indoors and outdoors.   It’s a wonderful family event, fun for anyone of any age.


If you’re looking for maybe a date night without the kids, or maybe you want to enjoy a…let’s say…quieter and more romantic ZOOLIGHTS experience, then perhaps their upcoming Adult Night is what you’re looking for!

Calgary’s Zoo’s Adult Night takes place on Thursday, November 30th and tickets are $45 each. The evening includes all your favourite zoo appetizers will be on deck including a beer tasting, cash bar, fun activities, and of course, hot chocolate! You’ll also enjoy exclusive access to a late-night DJ-hosted skating party in the tent, surrounded by all the glowing lights of Zoolights.

This is one party you won’t want to miss!

You can grab your tickets now, and last I heard, they were already over 50% sold. So don’t wait too long!


I’m also excited to be giving away a pair of tickets! To enter, head to the comments section and share your favourite memory from the zoo!  Contest closes Tuesday night, November 29th.  Good luck!

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Mike Morrison


  1. Watched a hippo (with his butt covered in his own mess) slowly stroll back and forth, allowing more and more children to get closer and closer to the open exhibit.

    Then he gave his body a violent shake and flung his poop all over the children (who were not happy) and then slid into the water. It was hilarious!

    To this day I believe he planned the entire thing.

  2. Our first memory of the zoo was when we first moved here with our then 7 & 3 year old kids. Our daughter, the oldest, had been moody and somewhat distraught at moving from our home and family in Ontario. She was barely talking to me despite my efforts to engage her. Her little brother was sensing the tension. We got to the zoo despite a lot of reluctance on her part. We walked the zoo looking at the animals and the beauty of the compound itself. Our little guy would run up to see the animals with wonder in his eyes as only a toddler can, his sister continued to be distant. When we came upon the lemur enclosure our little guy’s eyes lit up and he took his sister by the hand and said to her “look M! It’s zoboomafoo!” Well if that didn’t bring a smile to her face! A beloved show from “home” had come alive for her. Today that 7 year old is coming home to Calgary from 4th year university and to bring her to the zoo once again to experience that magic would be priceless.

  3. About 7 years ago or so me and the boyfriend went to the zoo and parked in the south parking lot, I had been carrying a ring to pop the question for about a month trying to find the right time and place, then I seen a little trail leading to the waterfront and I popped the question on the shore, of course he said yes.

  4. Best zoo memory is from a behind the scenes tour of the Lions. Incredible being that close to such beautiful, powerful animals and of course I was really close to getting covered in urine when one decide to spray at us. Magical haha.

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