Fans of comic books and pop culture can often be hard to shop for!  If there’s something we really want, it’s probably in high demand, so it’s hard to find.  Or, if we really want it, we probably already bought it.  Luckily, The Expo Holiday Market is coming up to help weary shoppers find the perfect gift for the nerd in their life.

The two day shopping extravaganza will be your chance to Deck the Halls with Boughs of Starships or enjoy Walking in a Zombie Wonderland as you peruse aisles of comic book vendors, toy dealers, collectible retailers and more!

Santa Claus will, of course, be Coming to Town to make a personal appearance as we celebrate The Most Wonderful Time of the Year geek-style.

The Expo Holiday Market takes place November 25 & 26, 2017 in BMO Centre halls B & C.


Tickets to the Expo Holiday Market are on sale now!  Or, if you want to chance it, I’m excited to be giving away a four-pack of tickets.
To enter, head to the comments section below and tell me who’s the hardest person to shop for on your holiday list!

Contest closes Wednesday, November 22nd.

Good luck!

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Mike Morrison


  1. Definitely dad. Has everything, but only wears same old, same old b/c they are comfy.
    Wish I was his size. A few things from pre- 1970’s are vintage and in fantastic condition.

  2. My dad! He has everything he needs and hates clutter. Followed by my hubby who buys himself everything he wants leaving nothing olfor anyone else to get him.

  3. It’s a tie between my husband and my dad. When my husband sees something he wants he buys it, regardless of what time of year it is. My dad, however, is just a pain. He only really likes NFL and Lord of the Rings. Everything I can buy him in those two categories he already has.

  4. My husband! All of his “wants” are usually expensive or impossible to find. So I always go out of the norm and hope he likes it.

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