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Contest: Call me maybe with the Samsung Galaxy S III! (Closed)

Contest: Call me maybe with the Samsung Galaxy S III! (Closed)

Nov 06, 2012

As a part of celebrating 4,000 posts, I’ll be giving away amazing prizes all week. Some are Calgary specific, others are open to the entire country! Keep checking back to see all the great prizes up for grabs!

By now, you’ve probably heard the good news that Telus has dropped the activation fees! Those fees have always been a mythical charge that we all paid, but none of us wanted too. Well, Telus listened to their customers and now the fee is gone! Better yet, renewing customers won’t have to pay the $25 equipment exchange fee anymore either! As it turns out, Telus and I both have lots to celebrate.

To kick this week of giveaways into high gear, Telus has offered up a FANTASTIC prize for Bloggity readers!

I’m giving away The Samsung Galaxy S III! It’s worth about $650!

Powered by Android 4.0, the Samsung Galaxy S III boasts some truly remarkable features:
-The Smart Stay function helps prevent any unwanted dimming, keeping the screen active as long as your eyes are on it.

-Pop-up Play allows you to email and text while simultaneously watching videos.

-S Voice means the Samsung Galaxy S III can receive simple voice commands.

-An 8 MP camera with zero shutter lag.

How to enter

Leave a comment:

If you win, who’s the first person that you’ll call on your new phone!
And/or Tweet:
“I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S III from @mikesbloggity and @telus! #bloggity4000″ 

Contest closes Saturday, November 10th at 12:00pm/MST


  1. Jackie Rumsey

    I would call you to say Thanks :-)

  2. alex

    Telus Mobility – to upgrade my plan!

  3. Tara

    I would have to call…you…maybe?

  4. I would you to say thanks, then I’d call everyone else I know to tell them I got an awesome phone!

  5. Melissa Potts

    My hubby. He wants one of these phones so badly. Would love to tell him that I won one lol

  6. suzanne

    i’d call my sissy allimc – she is the one who USUALLY wins great contests like this!
    thanks for the opportunity

  7. I am in need of an upgrade and I don’t want an iPhone 5.
    Lead me away from the Dark Side and into the AMOLED Light of Samsung.

    • Oh Yeh,
      I would call my friend at the apple store and tell him I have moved on.
      I hope he doesn’t cry to much.

  8. Margaret

    I’d call my Mom first of course :)

  9. Xing

    I would call my wife, of course!

  10. Jonnie

    I’ll call my mom first

  11. Eva Mitton

    daily tweet

    eva mitton

  12. Blair Young

    I would call my mom. She’s in hospital in Ontario after a double knee replacement, and faces a long road of rehab.

  13. Nighat

    I would call my sister who just got married.

  14. Marie

    I’d call RobotNenshi… ;)

  15. christine r
  16. Tracy Morin

    I would call my Mom & say ‘Can you hear me now???’ She’s always asking me that with my current phone lol Shared on Fb & tweeted

  17. Karla Sceviour

    I would call my sister!

  18. Karla Sceviour
  19. dan

    Would call for pizza

  20. Tammy

    I would call my best friend!

  21. Theresa M

    I would call my best friend.. I also twitted

  22. maggie p

    I would call my son with my new phone….

  23. Darcy C

    I would call Pizza Hut and finally order one do those hot dog stiffed pizza crust pizzas in celebration of my cool new phone

  24. Weezy

    I’d call my “doctor doctor to give me the news” that I have a bad case of loving Mikes Bliggety Blog

  25. I would call The Ghost Busters! I have always wanted to call those guys.

  26. my wife, whose in the philippines. I miss her so much! This would be a wonderful, advance Christmas gift. :)

  27. Andrew

    Gonna call my best friend to let him know that I’ve won this great prize!

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