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Celebrating Freelancers at the Calgary Freelancer Christmas Party!

Celebrating Freelancers at the Calgary Freelancer Christmas Party!

Dec 13, 2017

My friend Kait Kucy and I had an idea a few months ago to celebrate freelancers with a Christmas Party. The idea came from basically our need to want to have a fun holiday party, but since we work for ourselves, we don’t get to. But just because we don’t have an office, does that mean we shouldn’t have an office party? And that’s how the Calgary Freelancer Christmas Party was born!

From the second we announced it, we were overwhelmed in a good way with the excitement from freelancers who clearly felt the same way! Tickets quickly sold out, and we found a bigger room at Last Best Brewery and Distillery and eventually welcomed about 100 freelancers and entrepreneurs. A few people with “regular jobs” came too just because they wanted to have a great time!

The party was a ton of fun and I’m still in awe at the diversity of careers and work that was in the room. There’s so many cool people doing cool things in Calgary and it was a pleasure to meet so many new people.

Last Best was the perfect place to host the holiday party, there’s a ton of room and the service and food is always so good. If you’re looking for a great place to hold an event, I can’t recommend Last Best enough!

We’re definitely going to do more freelancer events. I loved it because we weren’t selling anything, we were just having a great party and I definitely want that group of people to connect again. As a freelancer, it can be quite lonely, and since we all go through the same challenges, we should definitely be meeting more and work together. A Stampede Freelancer Party, perhaps! I’m all ears if you have any suggestions.

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