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Alanis updates Ironic with new 2015 ironies!

Alanis updates Ironic with new 2015 ironies!

Nov 10, 2015

It’s hard to believe that Jagged Little Pill is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this week.  It seems like just yesterday, but that album was in fact the first CD I ever bought. (That’s how much the music industry has changed in twenty years.)

But that’s the not the only thing that’s changed since Ironic, one of the album’s biggest hits, came out.  Really the whole world is different, which is why Alanis teamed up with late night host James Corden for a modern day reboot of the song, which now features mentions of everything from Netflix to Amazon, Tindr, tweets, a joke about the lack of female late night hosts, Facebook friend requests and yes, vaping.

And for those wondering, yes, Alanis does address the main issue with the original song, which was that none of the situations were actually ironic, just bad luck.

Check out the video! And man, can Alanis still sing, eh?  So beautiful.


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