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Contest: $200 worth of Maynard’s Candy! (Closed)

Contest: $200 worth of Maynard’s Candy! (Closed)

Nov 08, 2012

As a part of celebrating 4,000 posts, I’ll be giving away amazing prizes all week. Some are Calgary specific, others are open to the entire country! Keep checking back to see all the great prizes up for grabs!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, some of of you are still suffering from Halloween Hangovers, but who cares? Like you’re really going to turn down a giant basket filled with enough Maynards Granny Smith candy and coupons for candy to last you until next year! The whole basket is worth about $200! (The prize won’t look exactly like the photo above, but that’s what they sent me, so it’ll be pretty close.) And for those likely asking, yes, I did eat it all.

I actually love this campaign because they included this hilarious meme in their initial email. I scrolled by it a few times until I actually noticed that it was about me:

That must have been some Metro column!

If you want to make your sour commentary, check out the Maynards Granny Smith Meme Generator on Facebook!

How to enter
Leave a comment:

Tell me who’s the most sour person you know! (It’s okay to say your Granny. I won’t tell.)

And/or Tweet:
“I want to win $200 worth of Maynards Granny Smith Candy @mikesbloggity! #bloggity4000″

Contest closes November 12th at 10:00pm MST


  1. Justin

    I am when I’m riding the escalators in a certain mall…

  2. I think I am sometimes and I hate it. Otherwise probably my dad!

  3. Melissa Power

    The most sour person I know: my old librarian!

  4. Opp

    That guy in the office that’s totally the male equivalent of SNL debbie downer

  5. Allison M

    My old boss, for sure, was the most sour puss I ever had to work with!

  6. Lyle Craigie-Manson

    “I want to win $200 worth of Maynards Granny Smith Candy @mikesbloggity! #bloggity4000″


  7. Gail

    I have to say the Grinch!! OK, or anyone who isn’t generous at heart.

  8. sadieshrsadie

    The most sour person I know of is me.. when I find I lost another sock to my dryer! mismatched socks here I come !

  9. Rebby

    My neighbour. He is incredibly miserable and probably the Grinch who stole Xmas and every other holiday. Also I think he steals kittens. Awful.

  10. my supervisor at work!

  11. Melissa Potts

    My great aunt… beyond sour

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  14. ginette4

    My most sour person I know (and it’s sad to say) is my daughter, not sure what’s up with her :(

  15. miranda russell

    Me! On Public transit in Calgary haha but I think that can be said for most transit riders at some point

  16. Margaret C

    The most sour person I know is my upstairs neighbour!

  17. Jonnie

    I think I’m the most sour person I know at the moment is my son. He’s 12 and in grade 7 so all of a sudden he is just too cool for us and our foolishness.

  18. Ollie

    My mother…when she looks at her investment/retirement porfolio.

  19. Karla Sceviour

    mother – in – law ( and you can tell her!)
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  20. Karla Sceviour
  21. Tammy

    The cashier at dollarama!

    tammykd at live dot com

  22. Darcy C

    The woman at the deli counter who says pleasant things like “Its not my job to see you, speak up I can’t vend my neck it hurts”

  23. Weezy

    My sour puss dentist who speaks gems to me like, are you crying , stop it I am sorry your nerve. Or the stand by….stay perfectly still or we will have to give you more freezing.

  24. Andrew P

    cashier at one of the grocery stores I visit, just never seems to be in a good mood
    also twitted via twitter @apham17

  25. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest
    but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on. All the best

  26. Danelle

    Me, when I find out yet another brand of food I used to eat has milk ingredients in it. Which is why I love Maynards… all their stuff seems to be dairy free.

  27. Terrence

    My brother! Plus apparently he’s never wrong either!

  28. Tyler Ennis

    The sourest person I know is the dude who comes into the restaurant I work in and proclaims his extreme allergy to tomatoes on his burger-while swilling back a Bloody Caesar.

  29. Kodi

    My boyfriend whenever there is something wrong with his car! Yikes.

  30. Shannyn

    yep. candy candy candy!!!!

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